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Indicdative Price Info 

System ID: 74749443

Issued by: Team Oil Brokers Asia

Type: Off-Business Class (Guests)

C.F.R Incoterms

  • 2024-06-19:  AGO Trading will be set to a ITB level

    2024-06-22:  AGO Trading Fuel Oil ITB (Briefing Date)

    2024-07-04:  Brent Crude has rallied to $86 per barrel before U.S. Independence Day

    2024-07-14   HANSE TO GO >



    USD$ 69,20-74,70 BLL C.F.R:

  • Seller: HANSE OIL (Refining (Malaysia)

    USD$ 446-454 MT C.F.R.

  • Regular liner shipments from South Africa to the West Coast. 

    Note: Sales will be set on ITB Invitation to Bid level), eff 2024-06-21.

    Briefing Date: 2024-06-24

    USD$ 346-358 MT C.F.R.

  • Seller: HANSE OIL Dubai

    USD$ 2.12-2.24 C.F.R.

  • Seller: HANSE OIL Dubai, Origin: Oman

    USD$ 2.02-2.14 MBTU C.F.R.

  • Seller: HANSE OIL (Refining) Asia. We accept your Bid

    USD$  510-526 MT C.F.R.

  • Seller: Accredited HANSE Partner. UAE

    Packing: bulk, or bags

    USD$  204-218 MT prilled or granuled


    Seller: Accredited HANSE OIL HongKong

    Certificates: SGS MTC ISO9001, CE, SGS

    Our contracts allow all those along the metal supply chain, as well as investment communities, 

    USD$ 1805-1870 MT C.F.R. CHIMP

  • Prices under which HANSE Alliance is prepared to sel.Our published prices do not necessarily reflect formal Business class terms & conditions, which may differ from these rates. Customized price information requires Regular Assessment Formalities-

    Indicative Prices off Business Class

  • Partners associated with Business Class receive customized price information. To proceed from here, we invite our guests to complete first Regular Assessment Formalities

    Regular Assessment

  • Our Business Class Partners (classified as Brokers, Traders or both jointly together in PersonaLUnion) are formally on a business level receiving a Full Offer (FTS) Firm Term Sheet as Underwriters.

    Classified Assessment

  • NET PRICES. All Prices are principally quoted as net prices. Our accredited brokers (classified)in Business receive automatically a base commission linked to the HBCA HANSE BROKERAGE CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT.

  • In principle, we quote Incoterms C.F.R. (HANSE OIL (Iberica) Shipping). Liner Terms. Price quotations are usually expressed within "from - to" limits, while the final price is fixed by HANSE on the day of signing the FTS Firm Term Sheet (within the agreed limits). This rule can be overridden by a deposit. Ask Business Class for more information.

  • Our estimates are based on a case-by-case form price modular system. We distinguish the following setup steps, all according to business class rules (classified partners).


    1. IPT Indicative Price Term Sheet

    2. CTS Personal Term Sheet

    3. FTS Firm Term Sheet

  • Seller: HANSE OIL Dubai

    Metric Ton

  • C.F.R Incoterm


Your request has been formally registered. Please be advised that any further progress beyond this stage will require your Classified Assessment. For further information, please click on the menu item located in the upper right-hand corner. Please be advised that this offer will automatically expire if no response or feedback is received within the next 24 hours. Workflow process:

A. Your stand-by presence for negotiation and communications
B. We invite you to complete the Classified Assessment

  1. Not active

  2. Client ID

  3. Date:

  4. Reference:

  5. Spot Agreement:

  6. Product:

  7. Volume MT

  8. Load Port:

  9. Availability:

  10. Delivery: C.F.R.

  11. Price USD: 

  12. Total Price USD: 

  13. Payment:

  • SBF Security Bidding Fee

    SDA Security Bidding Amount

    both 100% deductible from the first transaction completed during the first three months.

    Returnable Fees

  • Price fixing by HANSE strictly within the offered limits "from-to" on the date of receiving SBF,  SGT Tome Zone, 03.30h PM

    Based on FTS Firm Term Sheet

  • the strike price is the predetermined price per unit of oil specified in the option contract. It's the crucial price point at which the option holder has the right (but not the obligation) to buy (call option) or sell (put option) the underlying oil.

    Srike Price

  • Lebanon, Romania 


  • All payments are to be made by buyers to HANSE under the agreement shall be made free of all charges and without asserting at the time for payment any set-off, counterclaim or right to withhold whatsoever, in USD in New York to HANSE account with the bank of New York, N.Y. First Bank, New York, NY, or such other bank as we may designate. The preferred method of payment is a documentary letter of credit, irrevocable, confirmed by a first class European bank. Please note that we are prepared to negotiate any other equivalent payment method. 

    Documentary Letter of Credit

  • not activated

    Broadcast from HANSE Terminal

  • not activated

    HVMS HANSE Vessel Monitoring System



Quotes will be automatically deleted if no response is received within 24 hours.


Product Fact Sheet

The customer is asked to provide the target specs, which are replaced by the HANSE Material Data Sheet.



We provide standard documentation inclusive Letter of Indemnity, and inspector-certification at the load port.



Documentary Letter of Credit, CFR, confirmed, irrevocable, Bank of New York, N.Y


Trade  Finance

We finance or forfeit up to 75% of your transaction, excluding HANSE deposits or other forms of guarantees


Offshore 2024

For transactions exceeding USD $10 Mio we offer a JV agreement under a joint offshore-location 


Conduct & Loyalty Index. The metrics above are useful for benchmarking your retention and loyalty efforts 


ITB Invitation to Bid

The formal bidding process requires Classified Assessment 

  • Our accredited Business Class Partner with Classified Assessment as Broker and/or in PersonaLUnion shall be credited with a base commission on all turnover completed with their accredited Clients. Please refer to our website (partner accounts) for the latest commission rates. All other commission or price balances will be credited in accordance with the relevant instructions. 

  • The foundation for our accredited brokers is the "HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement," which is electronically incorporated into the trading account. This agreement provides our brokers with significant protection against a wide range of market risks.

  • Accredited Business Class Brokers receive all brokerage support, but are NOT authorized to sign any purchase or sale agreement or any other binding document or statement on behalf of HANSE. Brokers may not act as traders unless they are jointly accredited as a broker and trader with PersonaLUnion. Please be advised that both the broker and the trader must be accredited (classified assessment) in Business Class.  

  • 2026-06-30: Two steps workflow: (a) Regular Assessment (b) Classified Assessment. Requests must include the Regular Assessment ID, or they may be left unattended. 


  • Responsible: HANSE OIL Refining Asia

    Volume: negotiable

    Load Port: South Africa

    Closing: 2024-07-27

    Min Bid $326 MT C.F.R.

  • Responsible: HANSE OIL Bahrain

    Volume: negotiable

    Load Port: UAE

    Closing: 2024-07-27

    Min Bid $ 417 C.F.R.

ITB Invitation to Bid 

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