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1983 to 2024. Today, approximately ~ 4100 global business partners have signed in business class and expressed their trust in our expertise. Traders, Brokers and Investors.

Global HANSE Group Partnership: You’re not alone; you’re part of an elite global network.The HANSE Group stands as a beacon of trust, collaboration, and strategic alliances. Your partnership is your passport to international markets and unparalleled connections.

Status Symbol: Elevate your standing in the business  world. The Corporate Business Class (Trading) isn’t just a  title; it’s a symbol of prestige. 

KYC Shield: Your security matters. With stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, we safeguard your interests. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. Your identity is your fortress.

Market Resilience: Volatile markets? Not a concern. Our battle-tested strategies shield you against violent market fluctuations and activities. 


As an accredited Partner, you gain access to HANSE Global Network. Your journey begins with obtaining Accreditation and completion of the formalities (Regular Assessment). This process verifies your competence in performing conformity business services, ensuring that your products and services align with globally-recognized standards.


Your Assessment Account is intrinsically linked to your operative Business Account, signifying your status as a HANSE Business Partner with a proven track record of credibility in trading and brokerage activities. You enjoy VIP priorities. Accreditation.



We are reaching out to share an exciting opportunity that lies at the heart of our business’s growth and success. Our investors are not merely financiers; they are the backbone of our Business, integral to the structure and future of our group.


Our On-site correspondents serve as vital bridges and mediators between the HANSE Group, our clients, and our associates partners in understanding local culture, mentalities, and knowledge. Apply here


Liaison Offices & Offshore

HANSE is committed to fostering global connections and creating a network of collaborative efforts that span across borders. In line with this vision, we propose the establishment of liaison or joint venture offices that will serve as hubs of worldwide synergy. 


    No License Fees eff dd 2024-05-13

    Global Accreditation. New Regular Base Assessment. 

    Classified Assessment Fees according to your Type of business

    New modern and flexible trading and finance portal

    Customized HANSE Price Information  ​​​

  • Review full business information as how to start business with the HANSE Group.

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    Please be advised that your accreditation in our Business Class is mandatory (Regular Assessment Formalities) beyond the Guest Level. In the next step, we will invite you to complete the Classified Assessment, which is linked to your type of business. This will be either a broker, a trader, or both, depending on your role at PersonaLUnion.

    Accreditation Application


    The HANSE compliance system. Compliance is a top management priority for HANSE Business. Credit reporting systems are very important in today's financial system. HANSE's accredited partners consider the information contained in our systems to be a primary factor in assessing the creditworthiness of individuals and monitoring the credit circumstances of consumers. The report is prepared by a task force coordinated by HANSE Bank Asia, with support from the Bank for International Settlements, The Oil Club International and HANSE ENERGY (OIL) Group, and maintained by HANSE Consultants, Austria. Through our proven methodology for conducting due diligence, we are able to deliver more accurate and comprehensive reports to our accredited clients in a short timeframe.  


    In accordance with our new Business Class rules, personal or individual pricing information will only be provided under Business Class conditions (Regular and Classified Partner Accreditation). HANSE will not communicate pricing information through social channels, but only on our official website and partner accounts or other communications under your Business Class Partner ID. Outside of Business Class, you can view indicative pricing excerpts on this website. Please note that these prices do not necessarily reflect HANSE ENERGY prices, which are often significantly lower than the official market prices due to the fact that you are dealing directly with HANSE refiners and traders, among other trading and financial aspects such as countertrading, hedging and cooperation with our investors.

  • The Guest Level is designed for all visitors of our website(s) who are not registered with us and do not have a Regular Assessment Account. For these visitors, all websites and open price information are accessible without restriction. However, all negotiations beyond this level must be linked to the Regular Assessment Account with HANSE. This process is mandatory for all new clients.

  • Please be advised that finance and investment applications requires your free registration in this website and a regular assessment account. We kindly request that you review the relevant pages on this website. 

  • All trade transactions (sales and purchases) beyond the guest information level require accreditation on this website and a regular assessment account. 

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