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Commodity Trading

We provide products and services to support you in your commodities business. From 'simple' hedging products to advanced strategies based on tailored in-depth risk advisory.

At a Glance


Bulk Products

We trade dry bulk commodities at origin and destination, combining funding, storage, blending and risk management operations to service our clients and the market more generally.



Ocean freight makes up for an important portion of the total transportation of commodities across the globe. HANSE OIL (Iberica) Shipping S.A. is your new Partner



Commodities are stored in different manners. This will mostly depend on the type of commodity, but can also  influence the transportation method. We provide storage capacity in all main ports


Counter (Barter) Trade

HANSE is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of counter- or even barter trade on a global scale. 


Hedging, Options

Hedging is a future commitment to buy or sell a set quantity of a commodity at a set price.  A hedge is an investment made to reduce the risk of adverse commodity price movements.



If you need help with your international banking, we'd love to help. Get in touch and one of our dedicated team will  assist you with all your questions around your global trading and finance issues

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