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  • Regular Assessment Partner.


    Crude Oil, Petroleum, Feedstock 

  • Registered Clients:


    Energy, Gas, Crude Oil, Petroleum

  • Regular Assessment Holder:


    Energy, Gas, Crude Oil, Petroleum

  • Purchase of energy products

  • HANSE OIL (Iberica) Fleet

  • Tank-Storage Capacities in (almost all) main world ports


    Global (Tank) Storage worldwide

  • You need a bank for your business? We generally provide a wide range of banking services. Inquiries

    Global Banking

  • Providing financial services in all fields of energy trading to corporations (trading, projects, exploration)

    Finance Application

    Global (Energy) Finance

  • Hedging is an important tool for HANSE our partners traders because the energy market is highly volatile and subject to sudden fluctuations, which can lead to significant losses. Inquiries

    Energy Hedging & Options

  • The company is on a path to becoming a globally trusted, syndicated financial services corporation based in the heart of the HANSE Alliance. 

    HCR Customer Loyalty & Conduct Rating

  • We invest in and consolidate funds for all your energy and renewable projects on a global scale out of the middle of our Group. Investment Application

    Global Energy Investments

  • Partnership for a new era. We offer several unique ways to invest in HANSE Alliance. Interaction

    Your Investment as Silent Investor

  • We are open to all types of JV deals in the fields of  energy, gas, oil and related investments. Application

    Energy, Oil and Gas Joint Ventures

  • Helping oil and gas organizations capture value through operational improvements and digital transformations. Inquiries

    Consulting, Logistics in all energy fields

  • HANSE Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a global innovation platform supporting innovation in energy transition. Application

    Energy: Assistance, Finance, Investment

  • Are you looking for a partner to manage your single oil transaction through the establishment of a 50/50 offshore company? Closing upon completion of the transaction.


    HANSE & Partner: Joint (Sales) Offices

  • (ILA) Impartial advice provided by an independent solicitor. The idea behind an ILA is to protect our partners from signing any document before understanding the risks of the transaction. Contact us here

    Contact the Ombudsman

    Independent Legal Advise, Contract

  • The HANSE Workplace Mentor is an independent advisor in our business areas who help junior employees and our partners navigate their roles and business. Contact

    Mentoring; open and independent

  • Regular and Classified Accreditation

    Assessment Application

    Accreditation & Assessment

Indicdative Price Info 

System ID: 74749443

Issued by: Team Oil Brokers Asia

Type: Off-Business Class (Guests)

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