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Structured Finance

No company is the same as another. That's why we work with you to develop customized financing solutions that make the best possible use of current funding opportunities.


Working capital loan

The optimization of working capital and efficient liquidity management are in focus of buyers and suppliers.


Trade Finance

Ocean freight makes up for an important portion of the total transportation of commodities across the globe. HANSE OIL (Iberica) Shipping S.A. is your new Partner


Project Finance

As initiator or sponsor of the project, you establish your own project company  and provide it with equity capital. The share of equity in this company is approximately one third of the project volume.


Structured Finance

Aligned to the requirements and the cash flow of your company. HANSE is an experienced partner both in structuring and implementing sophisticated transactions 


Investment Loan

Opportunities don't wait, they want to be seized! That is why we are happy to assist you quickly and reliably.



Increase in company liquidity through the sale of short-term customer receivables. For us, your claims are security and repayment sources in one.

  • Finance or investment applications generally require regular assessment formalities, whereupon we will invite you to submit your free business application. Upon our approval, we will invite you to complete the Classified Assessment Procedure (Finance & Investment), which will take you to the formal business level. By working closely with HANSE Finance businesses and our external partners across our key industries, our passionate team is able to accelerate innovation and competitiveness for our customers, providing tailored financing solutions that unlock sustainable growth.❞

  • HANSE Bank expands the product range of the Financial Services unit at HANSE for corporate customers. HANSE Bank’s clients primarily include companies, special purpose entities and public-sector debtors. The bank does not offer products to retail-banking customers. Siemens Bank is based in Hong Kong and has currently offices in Bahrain and Singapore. The primary focus are European and Asian countries, as well as selected emerging markets. HANSE Bank acts as an independent company, but profits from its integration into the financial companies of the HANSE Group.

  • HANSE's debt strategy is to support the overall financial flexibility of the group and ensure competitive terms and conditions on long-term debt. HANSE generally seeks to establish financing at the corporate (top company) level. Loans or equity are then extended to subsidiaries to fund their capital requirements. Project financing may be used in cases involving incorporated joint ventures with other companies. The aim is to always have access to a variety of funding sources across different markets and instruments, as well as maintain relationships with a core group of international banks that provide a wide range of banking services.

  • Information for landowners and interested investors, including royalties, payments, statements and contacts can be found via the relevant account pages.

  • After completion of all evaluation formalities (classified assessment) and as a result of initial business or financial negotiations, we will provide you with our ITS Indicative Term Sheet, which outlines the key elements under which HANSE would be interested in financing your business based on your application ready for signature. 

  • Upon both parties' acceptance of the ITS Indicative Term Sheet, you will typically receive a provisional Business or Finance Memorandum for your signature followed by an agreement to meet our Finance Team on site (projects).

  • Our terms and conditions are subject to assessment and formalities, and are based on your HCI HANSE Conduct and Loyalty Index. We charge fixed or floating rates. You will only be dealing with HANSE Finance or a HANSE Investor Consortium under the direction of our Finance Department. No public banks are involved.

Around HANSE Finance

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