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  • Please include your WebClient ID (your assessment account ID) in all communications. To check your ID, click "Your Account" on the login button when you see your name.

  • Please refrain from using buzz words, such as: titleholder, RWA, bank-to-bank, ASWP, gross and net, ..we, under perjury, etc, and refrain from any private procedural requirements.Thank you.

  • Phone calls must be prearranged by an agenda showing your WebClient ID. Phone calls without your personal ID may go unattended or not be routed to the correct desk. Your ID is also required by all of our subsidiaries or when communicating with our accredited business partners (Classified Assessment).

  • We extend a cordial invitation to visit us at any of our locations. Our teams look forward to meeting all visitors who have an invitation and a Classified Assessment Account. All business meetings will be based on a signed agenda, to be signed by both parties at least 10 days in advance.

  • We provide private jflight service for our VIP Business Class Clients (underwriters) and Investors, transporting you virtually from "office-to-office." Our Team will come to your office prepared for business closing on the spot including banking and commission settlement.

  • Please do not submit unsolicited documents or offers which shall remain unattended or unanswered.

This new Business Class assessment structure supersedes the HANSE Licensing structure. The Regular Assessment is mandatory for all business issues; however, the Classified Assessment is specific to the business status (broker, trader, or both, as part of a PersonaLUnion) and underwriting of your business transactions with HANSE Alliance.

Register in our website (obtain your WebClient ID)

Your free registration serves as your group-wide identification and fast communication. Complete your account after registration.

Regular assessment gives all clients access to our business class and pre-advisory services for all transactions.

Classified rating is required for the negotiation and settlement of all business transactions subject to your business type.

Indicdative Price Info 

System ID: 74749443

Issued by: Team Oil Brokers Asia

Type: Off-Business Class (Guests)

C.F.R Incoterms


  • All incoming business inquiries will be registered and answered in a timely manner. Please refer to the published price information for standard pricing. Note that any further assistance  beyond will only be provided once the necessary Regular Assessment Formalities have been completed.

  • Please be advised that your regular business assessment is mandatory beyond the guest level. Please be advised that a classified assessment is required when formal business negotiations (broker, trader, or both in a personal union) will be initiated.

  • All trading and brokerage activities require Classified Assessment acc to your type of business

  • HANSE crude oil transactions are regulated by the Oil Club International, which requires either membership or an SGT Single Oil Trade License for each transaction based on Classified Assessment.

  • Please be advised that all finance- and investment-related transactions require a classified assessment. As a guest, you are invited first to submit your application for review. Upon our acknowledgment, we will invite you to complete the regular assessment. Once this has been done, we will request that you complete the classified assessment.

There’s one important way to measure and predict customer loyalty that often goes overlooked. That’s engagement.

We welcome the cooperation with brokers and local correspondents.

Note: all business negotiations beyond the Informational Guest Level require Regular Assessment formalities.   

3. Administration (Setup)

  • Coming soon 

    Ombudsman (Switzerland)

  • n/a

    Coming soon

  • SBF Security Bidding Fee

    SDA Security Bidding Amount

    both 100% deductible from the first transaction completed during the first three months.

    Returnable Fees

  • HANSE is pleased to offer marine insurance upon request, based on a signed FTS Firm Term Sheet.

  • HANSE Consultants, Vienna (Austria) maintains a compliance- and loyalty rating system for the HANSE Group International. This system may result in an agio (premium) being added or included to all fees and deposits, subject to your rating score. Accredited Business Class members may request their personal scoring.

  • All applicants are invited to undergo the regular assessment procedures. Please note that assessment fees are non-refundable, even in the event of your application being unsuccessful.

  • Our brokers who have been accredited are automatically linked to the HBCA, which is similar to the NCND. This protects our brokers against almost all violent market activities. The HBCA document will be automatically attached to the broker account.

  • Coming soon

Maintenance. Setup service.

  • Our accredited Business Class Partner with Classified Assessment as Broker and/or in PersonaLUnion shall be principally credited with a base commission on all turnover completed with their accredited Clients. Commissions are published in our website (partner accounts), Other commission or price balances untouched and will be credited as per instruction. 

  • The basis for our accredited brokers is the so-called "HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement", which is electronically added to the trading account. This agreement will proted our brokers to almost all violent market activities.

  • Our accredited Business Class Brokers receive all brokerage support, but are NOT authorized to sign any purchase or sale agreement or any other binding document or statement on behalf of HANSE. Brokers may not act as traders unless they are jointly accredited as a broker and trader with PeronaLUnion. Note: Both the Broker and the Trader must be accredited (Classified Assessment) in Business Class.  

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