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A private partner-based energy group since 1983, the first of its size, scope and independence. 

HANSE Business Class, with a global network of offices and over 4,100 accredited partners, including brokers, traders, and investors, handles all logistical aspects of global trade and finance. 



HANSE OIL is a private and independent group of ~ 2400 accredited energy, gas and oil brokers and traders worldwide



The Secret Club That Runs the World: Inside the Fraternity of Oil Senior Traders and bankers. The Club controls parts of HANSE's crude oil business transactions worldwide. To obtain membership it takes approx 2-4 months.



HANSE OIL produces and markets oil and gas, as well as chemical solutions, responsibly with assets in Malaysia. Its activities also include low carbon business as well as the entire gas business.



The HANSE Business Class has been restructured in 2024. All business partners are invited to complete assessment formalities prior to accreditation. Formal business negotiations will only be conducted with accredited partners.



HANSE OIL (Iberica )Shipping in Spain with a powerful network and disruption-free global coverage. Most of all HANSE crude oil and fuel shipments are made by HANSE Shipping. We basically sell according to Incoterms C.F.R.


Merging, Joint Ventures

Our successful flagship concept in the entire HANSE Group for handling individual large orders. Only you and HANSE set up an offshore company 48/52 with a HANSE Team on site and a full HANSE Management.  


Counter- and Barter Trade

HANSE deals with all aspects of countertrade, from agricultural to energy and oil products. We negotiate countertrade transactions from start to finish, selling products received in countertrade 


Tank Storage

HANSE operates a network of first-class energy, fuel oil, and crude storage assets, maintaining a terminal network with large storage capacities. Single and double walled fuel storage tanks.


The HANSE Mentor

Mentors can provide guidance, share wisdom, and help us grow in various aspects. Any questions to our Mentor? The mentor remains anonymous. Email:

Cross-Border Cooperation

Refinery Agreement

HANSE ENERGY OIL Group Refining Consortium seeks mid-/long term processing agreement(s) with Africa and Central America for immediate negotiation

Offshore Business

Our successful flagship concept in the entire HANSE Group for handling individual large orders.

Merging and Acquisiton

HANSE is interested to acquire Start-ups and mid-size companies in the Energy and Oil Business worldwide

Hotel & Village Resort

We purchase a five-star hotel resort project in Asia or the Caribbean as a vacation retreat for our valued partners, employees and families.  

  • We pride ourselves on our expertise, market presence, and commitment to excellence. As a mid-sized enterprise with a robust infrastructure to control a turnover of approximately ~ $80 million in the energy, gas, and oil sectors and as a Classified Business Class Partner, we believe that our combined strengths can lead to remarkable success.

  • HANSE ENERGY, North Africa

    North Africa is one of the world's most important oil and gas producing regions and has the potential to become a renewable energy powerhouse. Its geographical location makes it a crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East and an important transit corridor for global energy markets.

    HANSE OIL Refining (Asia) Group is looking for cooperation with refineries in North Africa. Possible are majority or minority stakes (financing, investment), complete take-overs or term processing agreements whereby HANSE OIL supplies crude oil in return for the purchase of finished (refined) products (fuel oil, gasoline). Offers from accredited brokers/traders only.

  • HANSE VENTURES is HANSE’s corporate venture capital arm dedicated to investing in ambitious early-phase and growth companies. We believe that the innovation, creativity and agility of startups can drive change towards a low-carbon future. We can provide venture capital and project-based funding of early-phase ideas. All this is supported by technical, market and financial guidance, with a strong drive for piloting and implementing the solutions. Our current portfolio is primarily in Europe, Asia and Latin America, but we’re open to opportunities globally. We are looking to invest around USD 400 million over the next five years and are seeking to allocate 70% of the capital to renewables, low-carbon solutions and future opportunities.

  • “HANSE is in the process of re-shaping its international oil and gas business, and the divestment in Azerbaijan are in line with our strategy to focus our international portfolio,” says Laurence P. Vroomen

  •  HANSE has now transferred its participating interests in two Russian joint ventures and is released from all future commitments and obligations. 

Business News and Opportunities 

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