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Specifically, this support includes arranging and securing innovative financing, negotiating and completing the banking, managing the trade, its logistics, storage and shipping. We assist and advise at every step of the trade process until completion. HANSE performs these functions itself and also assists our accredited partners in performing them. If you prefer, without risk allocation.

Offer Summary

A pragmatic approach to adding value through offshore partnerships. You are an energy broker or trader - You are accredited with HANSE - You have the client to purchase or sell with all agreements in place You are looking for a JV proactive trader to manage and support your deal properly executed from A-Z.

Offshore Location

Cyprus (or negotiable)

Share Holder Client & HANSE

Company Name:  HANSE - Your Name

Shares: 48/52

HANSE Management - We bring the team to the table


Three cooperation models, single transactions

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