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Our Suppliers

Innovative tools strengthen collaboration with our suppliers. Digital transformation enables us to use innovative IT applications and tools to make collaboration with our suppliers even faster, simpler and more efficient. These applications cover both the strategic procurement process (Source-to-Contract) and the entire operational process from placement of the purchase order to invoice receipt 

Offer Summary

Become an accredited HANSE Business Class Partner based on a VIP Level including Tender Invitations

Free corporate registration and offer

Complete the Regular Assessment Formalities to gain access to HANSE Business Class to negotiate your proposal upon our invitation.

3. Select your Business Level

Optional: Complete Classified Assessment as Broker, Trader or Producer to access the firm business level as underwriters

4. Be registered in our global database

Get your business in front of ~21,000 readers by either Classified Assessment, or by a paid listing (€120 p.a.)in our central database as below.


Become a part of our global data base

Expand your business and gain access to ~21,000 visitors from a global database of professionals, brokers, and traders in the energy, gas, and oil sectors, as well as commodity trading. Maximize your trading potential with a strategic placement and connect with the core of our alliance.

  • Name

    Type of Company



    Email and Mobile


    Trade Name





    Product Group

Sample Pass

Apply by email, upon receipt we will send you the application form and payment details. One time fee p.a. $140. No fees for Classified Partner.

Advertisers are solely responsible for ensuring that their info meet all legal requirements and do not infringe on any rights. We reserve the right to remove any advertisement that we determine to be in violation of our policies or applicable laws without notice. 

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