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Indicdative Price Info 

System ID: 74749443

Issued by: Team Oil Brokers Asia

Type: Off-Business Class (Guests)

C.F.R Incoterms



  2. Date:

  3. Approval ID

  4. Type of Application:

  5. Approved

  6. Finance Volume

  7. Purpose:

  8. Location:

  9. Broker

We have approved your application, which is currently in process. Note that any progress beyond this level requires your Classified Assessment. Click the menu for more information. Please be advised that this offer will automatically expire if no response or feedback is received within the next 24 hours.

Usual workflow process from here:
A. Your stand-by presence for negotiations and communications
B. On approval, we invite you to complete the Classif
ied Assessment.


  2. Application in Progress

  3. Account ID

  4. Date::

  5. Type of Application:

  6. Finance Volume:

  7. Equity Capital:

  8. Purpose:

  9. Location:

  10. Term of Facility:

  11. Default Interest:

  12. Cash Flow:

  13. Availability Period:

  14. Broker:

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • HANSE OIL (Iberica) Shipping S.A. or MAERSK or China Line Liner Terms, CFR. Marine Insurance upon request based on a signed FTS Firm Term Sheet.


  • SBF Security Bidding Fee

    SDA Security Bidding Amount

    both 100% deductible from the first transaction completed during the first three months.

    Returnable Fees

  • We usually propose a personal meeting on the spot after completion of the Classified Assessment Formalities.

    On-Site Meeting

  • N/A

  • N/A


Trade Finance

The Price quote will be automatically deleted if no response is received within 24 hours.


Project Finance

The Client is invited to submit target specs, which will usually be replaced with HANSE Lab- Material Fact Sheet.


Structured Finance

We provide standard documentation inclusive  Letter of Indemnity, and inspector certification at the load port.


Working Capital Loan

Documentary Letter of Credit, CFR, confirmed, irrevocable, Bank of New York, N.Y


Investment JV

We finance or forfeit your transaction up to 75% except HANSE deposits or other forms of guarantees 



For transactions exceeding USD $10 Mio we offer a JV agreement under a joint offshore-location 48/52 and management by HANSE



Your access to business class: Regular Assessment and Classified Assessment



Conduct & Loyalty Index. The metrics above are useful for benchmarking your retention and loyalty efforts 

  • Our accredited Business Class Partner with Classified Assessment as Broker and/or in PersonaLUnion shall be principally credited with a base commission on all turnover completed with their accredited Clients. Commissions are published in our website (partner accounts), Other commission or price balances untouched and will be credited as per instruction. 

  • The basis for our accredited brokers is the so-called "HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement", which is electronically added to the trading account. This agreement will proted our brokers to almost all violent market activities.

  • Our accredited Business Class Brokers receive all brokerage support, but are NOT authorized to sign any purchase or sale agreement or any other binding document or statement on behalf of HANSE. Brokers may not act as traders unless they are jointly accredited as a broker and trader with PeronaLUnion. Note: Both the Broker and the Trader must be accredited (Classified Assessment) in Business Class.  

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