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At HANSE, we believe that startups are the key to the next big technology revolution. If you are a startup with a passion for innovation and are ready to make an impact, we have a solution for you. Let us help you grow.

Your Partnership

It is much more challenging for a startup company to secure funding than it is for an established business. An existing business will have a credit history, and if the company has a track record of timely debt payments, securing capital should not be a problem. Lenders’ primary concern when issuing a loan is whether or not the borrower would be able to pay it back. A business in the infancy stage likely does not have a credit history to speak of.

Status Symbol: Elevate your standing in the business  world. The Corporate Business Class (Trading) isn’t just a  title; it’s a symbol of prestige. 

KYC Shield: Your security matters. With stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, we safeguard your interests. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. Your identity is your fortress.

Market Resilience: Volatile markets? Not a concern. Our battle-tested strategies shield you against violent market fluctuations and activities. 


Equity Startup Funding

As an accredited Partner, you gain access to HANSE Global Network. Your journey begins with obtaining an Accreditation completion of the assessment formalities. This process verifies your competence in performing conformity business services, ensuring that your products and services align with globally-recognized standards.


Startup Business Loans

Your Assessment Account is intrinsically linked to your operative Business Account, signifying your status as a HANSE Business Partner with a proven track record of credibility in trading and brokerage activities. You enjoy VIP priorities.


Venture Capital

If they decide to invest in your business, HANSE Finance will provide you with finance in exchange for equity in your company (meaning they’ll have a shareholding in your business). Venture capital investors may also be in the position to offer advice and expertise. 


Business grants

The HANSE Group is very keen to help start-ups and small businesses. Although they can be very difficult to get due to eligibility and competition, there are various grants handed out by the government which have helped numerous startups in the past.


Can you finance a startup?

It's not only existing businesses that can get finance – start-ups are being considered as more financeable too, with unique new platforms becoming more prominent. Alongside this, the government are now trying to help, encouraging entrepreneurs to set up businesses and working hard to ensure this gains momentum.

Startups and the New Partner Class*

  • Since 1986, HANSE Finance Group has been a trusted partner for young and innovative startups. Our long-standing tradition of excellence, backed by strategic investors, positions us at the heart of the Hanse Group for finance and investment, mainly in fields of energy. The funds are usually consolidated by accredited Investors only, all controlled by clever networking of our partner group. Quick approvals and streamlined processes ensure you get the capital you need when you need it.

  • Assessment fee is a common fee charged by HANSE when you apply for a loan. It might also be called an 'application' fee or 'establishment' fee. An upfront fee covers the costs of processing your application, including things like administrative costs, credit assessment, loan set-up and document preparation. 

  • We usually sign the initial Memorandum or LOI very fast without unreasonable delay after completion of all assessment formalities. Both letter outlines the chief terms of finance. Commonly used in major business finance or investment transactions

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